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Applied Computing in Education and Advanced Social Technology Laboratory (CAEd)

The development and use of new computational technologies have significantly changed the educational scenario, acting as motivating elements of classroom, hybrid and distance education. In this new scenario, the teaching and learning processes are increasingly characterized by the need for effective and constant interaction between learners and instructors, enabling them not only to access but also to contribute and actively participate in the construction of knowledge at anytime and anywhere.

In this context, the Applied Computing in Education and Advanced Social Technology Laboratory (CAEd) was founded in 2012 by Prof. Dr. Ellen Francine Barbosa. Since then, researchers and students develop their postdoctoral, doctoral, master's and undergrad activities.

CAEd is part of this perspective, having as its main goal the conduction of research, development, and dissemination of knowledge in the area of computational technologies applied to education. In general, CAEd should effectively contribute to society through the establishment and practical application of innovative ways of teaching and learning, which can range from elementary and high school through university education and continuing vocational training. Different areas of interest, in particular Computing, Mathematics, Engineering and Science, should benefit.

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